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WordPress no more!

Hi everyone 🙂

This will just be a quick post to announce that I will be moving from WordPress to Blogspot! The reason…. well, it is easier to customize the outlook of the site and add in plug-ins and all of that. I am just tired of looking at the black and white page that is The Pastry Dream at wordpress. I just feel it is so boring in comparison to blogspot where I get to customize and add in personal touches to the site without having to pay.

So yeah I hope you all like the new outlook of The Pastry Dream @ Blogspot! =) Please subscribe through email to get updates on my journey to ultimately open my own restaurant!

Here is the link to my new site  




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Top 5 foods from Melb/Tas holiday trip!

Hi everyone,

La Spaghetteria Ristorante's Tower of Pasta

Sorry that  I have been absent for quite some time. Just had a very hectic weekend with my graduation from Uni and my holiday trip with my parents around Tasmania and Melbourne. I’m sorry that I don’t have a recipe to share with you all today, but what I do have is the top 5 delicious dishes that I have had during my holidays with my parents in Tasmania and Melbourne! I hope you enjoy and if you are in these areas, do visit these restaurants/cafes to give it a try.  I apologize for the very bad food photography as I am still learning the art of it and to be fair the lighting wasn’t suitable at times and some of these photos are taken with my iPhone 4.

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