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Pandan Chiffon Cake ( work in progress )

Hi everyone!

I was feeling a little ambitious so I thought I give chiffon cake a try. I tried it once before last year but that one ended in a disaster as the cake shrunk after it cooled down and it was undercooked. But after long consideration, I decided that it is time again that I tackle this challenge of making the perfect chiffon cake that will be light and fluffy. Being in Malaysia for another week before Ihave to head back to Australia, I decided to utilize local ingredients instead.

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Mom’s Apple Pie

Yesterday, I decided that since the title of my blog is The Pastry Dream, it is only fair that I present you with something that has to do with actual pastry. So in this post,  I will be sharing with you my mom’s apple pie recipe that I have been enjoying since I was a kid. This would be my ultimate comfort food, a slice of  my mom’s apple pie and all my Monday blues or moody winter days are gone!

Perfect Comfort Food!

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Ingredient Spotlight – The Blue Pea Flower/Bunga Telang

This is a special post as I like to introduce all of you to a special ingredient that I have been searching for quite some time now. But now that I finally found it, I like to give it the attention that it deserves. For those of you that grew up under Nyonya traditions, you would be familiar with this flower and probably have it in your own gardens. The Blue Pea Flower or Bunga Telang grows as a vine or creeper, it clings on to other plans or climbs up fences.

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Kaya (Coconut Jam)

For my first post, I have decided to write a post regarding one of my favourite spreads. Born and raised in Malaysia, Kaya  or Coconut Jam is an extremely popular spread among Malaysians and is made out of 3 main ingredients, eggs, sugar and coconut. It is commonly used as spreads on Toasted Breads, fillings for Steam Buns ( Pao) or as toppings for Nyonya Kuih.

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Welcome to The Pastry Dream!

Hello readers!

Welcome to The Pastry Dream 🙂

This is my first ever food blog and after some encouragement from friends and family, I finally decided to create one.
Well here is a short introduction on me.

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